Top 10 Brand Tag lines for Inspiration

Top 10 Brand Tag lines for Inspiration

AMUL tagline

A brand tagline is a repetitive expression of an idea or purpose that is closely related the motto of the brand giving it an identity. Hence they should be memorable and exclusive.Presenting some of the evergreen brand tag lines:-

1. Think different – APPLE

Apple tagline.

2. Just do it – NIKE

Nike Tagline

3. Because you are worth it – L’Oreal

L’Oreal tagline

4. There are somethings money can’t buy, for everything else there is a mastercard – MASTERCARD.

Mastercard tagline

5. Isko laga dala to life zinga lala- TATA SKY.

Tata sky tagline

6. I’m lovin it- McDonald’s

McDonald’s tagline

7. The taste of India –

AMUL tagline


8. Taste the feeling- COCA COLA

COCA COLA tagline

9. Daag ache hain-

SURF tagline


10. Jo khaye kjo jaye-


Choosing a creative tagline is crucial as it help brands connect to the consumers and also develop a brand entity. They need to be informal in nature and also instil the essence of the brand, making it more appealing and impactful. Was your favourite tagline included in the list? Let us know?